About us

The foundation for IDEA Animal Care Center (IACC) was laid by the Vice-President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and IDEA founder Leyla Aliyeva in October of 2014. The construction of the Center was completed in late 2016 and the facilities were officially opened by Leyla Aliyeva on November 10th. IACC officially commenced its operations on 1 March 2017.

While temporarily accommodating some animals that are in desperate need for shelter and care, IACC’s prime focus in addressing the street animal problem is on sterilization, disease prevention, rehoming, responsible pet ownership and humane attitudes towards animals.

The Center has a well-equipped clinic, kennel blocks for dogs and a cattery, separate isolations blocks for the quarantined animals, adoptions section, pet hotel, grooming parlour, playgrounds, hostel for resident volunteers and veterinarians, conference hall, cafe and shop. 

The veterinary clinic has facilities for both street and owned animals. All medical care for street animals is completely free of charge. As to IACC’s Catch-Vaccinate-Neuter-Release (CVNR) program for street animals, we have a well-equipped catching team, which will use the most humane methods for capturing animals. The sterilized and vaccinated dogs will be ear-tagged, while cats will be marked by ear-tipping; profiles and medical records of all animals will be entered into IACC’s electronic database. 

Our adoptions section houses dogs and cats, which are considered to have a higher chance of being adopted due to their various characteristics. These animals are sterilized, vaccinated, micro-chipped and ready to be adopted. The profiles of adoptable animals are posted on our website, Facebook and Instagram. 

Another important part of our work consists of promoting humane attitude towards animals and responsible pet ownership practices, raising awareness on animal welfare, and changing people’s perceptions of homeless animals in Azerbaijan. The Center’s conference hall and other facilities will be used for various animal-related events, presentations and lectures. We will organize extra-curricular activities and programs for children and youth aimed at nurturing humane and responsible attitudes toward animals, and use our electronic resources and publications to raise public awareness on animal welfare. 

The help of volunteers is an important prerequisite for IACC’s activities. Animal-lovers that are willing to help us care for our resident dogs and cats can join us as volunteers by filling an application form and formally agreeing to comply with IACC rules and procedures. 

Being dependent on the support and contributions of private and corporate sponsors, IACC accepts donations as well as in-kind contributions. Those willing to become an IACC sponsor will benefit from our various sponsorship benefits. 

For additional information, contact IDEA Animal Care Center by phone (+994 12 565 66 55), email ([email protected]) or Facebook and Instagram (@ideacares.az).